60 degree milling cutter manufacturer perfect mechanism

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How to design a perfect 60-degree milling cutter manufacturer organization? One is project research, that is, by looking at customers, fields, opponents, and yourself, to determine what your manufacturer can do and is good at.

After researching the project, you need to implement organizational design, draw a 60-degree milling cutter manufacturer’s organizational sketch, clarify department responsibilities, and build a talent structure. Each department should coordinate and cooperate with each other to achieve “independent and interdependent”. At the same time, departmental responsibilities should be changed in a timely manner according to project changes and development status, otherwise it is easy for departmental disconnections to occur.

JIALING carbide 2 spiral flute Up cut End Mill

Post establishment. 60-degree milling cutter manufacturers need to know who has what abilities and which departments are suitable to create suitable positions for him. After determining job responsibilities, you must have a competency model, with assessment specifications and key performance indicators, to keep talents alive.

Inventory of core posts. The establishment of a core position requires communication and consensus. It is promoted when you are fully competent, promoted if you are incapable, and replaced if you are unable to do so. At the same time, the core talents must be able to output effects and create matching value for 60-degree milling cutter manufacturers.

Finally, the operating mechanism. After the first few points, the organization of a 60-degree milling cutter manufacturer is almost completed. After that, you need to create the corresponding operating mechanism, sort out the process, match the coordination mechanism, and clarify your respective powers and responsibilities so that the 60-degree milling cutter manufacturer can continue to operate in a healthy manner.

In the process of creating a department, if the capacity is not enough, don’t set up multiple departments, it should be compressed as much as possible. A department should have as many jobs as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the reporting association of each position. In addition, no matter whether the 60-degree milling cutter manufacturer is large or small, there must be a data department. We call it the “Business Intelligence Department”, which can effectively detect the efficiency and effectiveness of departments and personnel.

Post time: Jul-14-2020