Cnc BT ER Tool Holder

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Cnc BT ER Tool Holder

Material: Carbide                                                                                              

Application: It is the tool that links the mechanical spindle and the cutting tool  


BT standard for tool holders originated in Japan and is somehow similar to CAT tool holders.

As well as CAT tool holders, it has numerical designations that correspond to the size of the taper: BT-30, BT-35, BT-40, BT-45, BT-50. The higher the number is, the bigger is the taper.

Cnc BT ER Tool Holder (2) Cnc BT ER Tool Holder (3) Cnc BT ER Tool Holder (5) Cnc BT ER Tool Holder

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Cnc BT ER Tool Holder (6)

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1>  Delivery Time: 3-10Days

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3>  Shipping Terms: DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/Aramex. According to your demand.

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